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NHTV Breda is an university of applied sciences with a strong international focus. The institute caters for more than 7,000 students from over 60 countries. It is situated in the south of the Netherlands, in the city of Breda, only 100 km from both Amsterdam and Brussels.
NHTV was founded in 1966 as an institute offering management programmes in tourism and leisure and in this field it is the largest and leading educational institution in the world. International accreditations from, for instance, the UN World Tourism Organization, underline the quality of education.
Today, NHTV offers professional and academic bachelor’s and master’s programmes. With a focus on the development of academic knowledge and the promotion of sound professional practice, the specialist disciplines of NHTV are Digital Entertainment, Hospitality & Facility, Leisure, Tourism and Urban Development, Logistics & Mobility.

Together with HZ University of Applied Sciences, NHTV has founded the Research Centre for Coastal Tourism. Coastal tourism is of great importance for the Dutch Delta, home to both NHTV and HZ. Knowledge and research is considered vital for innovation of the tourism industry, working on quality and sustainability. In the Research Centre for Coastal Tourism the forces of government, educational institutions and entrepreneurs are joined. Knowledge is developed as well as transferred to and applied with the industry.

HZ University of Applied Sciences is a knowledge institute with a strong regional anchoring and a worldwide orientation. With 25 bachelor's programmes and 2 master's programmes, HZ caters for some 4.000 students. HZ is situated at the Zeeland coast, in the city of Vlissingen.