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Keynote speakers

Dr. Sheela Agarwal

Sheela Agarwal graduated from Exeter University with a PhD in Geography in 1995. She worked as a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Tourism at Sheffield Hallam University between 1995-2000, moving on to join the Tourism Team at the University of Plymouth where she continues to work. She has written and co-authored numerous journal articles and book chapters and more recently co-edited a book, relating to various aspects of coastal resort tourism including the impact and consequences of globalization, economic restructuring and social exclusion. Her research interests include discourses of globalization, economic restructuring, conceptualizations of place and space, local governance and social exclusion. More recently, she has began examining aspects of tourism and disability and social inclusion.

Peter Myles MSc

Peter Myles served as Chairman and Convenor of the 6th International Coastal & Marine Tourism Congress (CMT2009) hosted in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in September 2009. Peter is one of South Africa’s leading tourism professionals. He has a postgraduate MSc degree in Tourism Development & Management and he is a PhD candidate currently busy with a research project on coastal and marine tourism. He developed the B Com Honours (Tourism) postgraduate programme at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) where he supervised honours and masters studies in tourism. He introduced modules on Responsible Tourism and Coastal & Marine Tourism at the university. He is affiliated to the Department of Development Studies at NMMU and lectures on marine tourism and coastal recreation. He is an Associate of the IUCN Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group, a Member of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas and a Member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. Peter currently works as a tourism specialist with a number of associated project teams. He fully subscribes to the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.

Dr. Brian Wheeller

Brian Wheeller holds degrees in Economics, in Applied Economics, in the Economic Impacts of Tourism, and in American Studies. His doctorate on Critiquing Eco/Ego/Sustainable Tourism contextualises the debate within the wider arena of tourism planning and management, policy and practice. In addition, his interests have evolved and broadenedover the years, his current research revolving around the links between travel, tourism and popular culture - in particular literature, art, photography, film, music - and their relevance to contemporary tourism thinking.His research also embraces humour, image and use of the visual in tourism and tourism education. He is Associate Professor of Tourism at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands; Adjunct Professor of Tourism, University of Tasmania, Australia;; Visiting Research Fellow at Leeds Metropolitan University and at Sheffield Hallam University, UK and is Visiting Professor of Tourism at the University of Plymouth and an Honorary Professor of the University of Wales.